Former England Manager, Fabio Capello has expressed his shock about the public spat between Manchester United Manager, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte and he believes that the pair are “totally out of their minds”.
Capello said that the word “senile” which a club spokesman later explained to mean “amnesia” earlier used by Conte could have been wrong and unprofessional, he believed the two World football figure should have moved on from there.
Mourinho who was sacked at Chelsea before Conte was appointed triggered another round of quarrel when he described the current Chelsea Manager as a “clown” for his touchline antics.
Capello said: “It is the Chelsea jersey that makes managers nervous. We all remember anxieties when he [Mourinho] was the Chelsea manager.
“Conte has been doing exactly the same as Mourinho. We all remember Mourinho kneeling down in the middle of the pitch or Mourinho running after a win.
“I think that Conte has not realized who he has been dealing with yet. In my opinion, he should have said just one thing. If Conte used the ‘senile’ word he certainly made a mistake.
“However, I think that Mourinho is such a good debater, and maybe also this time he has been trying to divert the attention from his team.
“They are totally out of their minds. I didn’t imagine they could go this far.”