Walker’s City Move, a bad omen for Spurs player – Pochettino

Mwauricio Pochettino fears that seeing Kyle Walker leave the club for Manchester City could have been a major distraction for the club’s players although he believes that their plan for success is attractive.

Manchester City is expected to start Walker against his former side on Saturday after his 50 million pounds move to Etihad in the summer.

Walker, who was a consistent starter for Pochettino’s spurs that challenged for the title in 2015/26 and 2016/17 grew frustrated with their inability to win major titles and he is now cruising with Guardiola’s flying city team that is 11 points ahead of second-placed Manchester United and 18 points clear of Tottenham in December.

“It’s only human that a player demands something better for him, a new challenge,” Pochettino said while speaking with reporters at the club’s training ground when questioned about his opinion of Walker’s controversial walk-away from the North Londoners.

“They [the players] might have different ideas but it’s nothing to be worried about. Maybe some players are not agreed in our plan and this strategy, and of course, they are right to complain, to talk and in the end to want to move or have another challenge for different reasons”

“We are all different, we have different challenges, motivations, and roles in our life. That is normal, the most important thing is to talk, to design the plan that includes everyone and then be happy because life is about been happy. It isn’t about wasting time in a bad way”

Tottenham will travel to Etihad this weekend and they will seek to end City’s impressive record-breaking 15 match winning run.

“We’re not worried. We try to focus on our project and our abilities, and in the end, we try to develop our project not only thinking about today and tomorrow but thinking long-term, quoting Pochettino “We don’t just go after winning today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We are after winning today, tomorrow and in one year and two, three, four years.”

“That’s what we have, which is quite different from what you see in the other teams that is more important for them to win today. That is a good part of the debate when people access us and compare us with the other teams”

Pochettino has had a proud record against City as he drew 2:2 at the Etihad last season before beating them at White Hart Lane. He had also won 2:1 in February 2016 in 2015/16 season and he [Pochettino] said they are “excited” about the challenge of facing city again on Saturday.

“They [City] deserve all the praise; they’ve had a fantastic season”

“They are the best team in Europe, not just in England on form. Of course, it’s a tough game for us but also a fantastic challenge and an exciting game” Pochettino concluded.