Tottenham Manager, Mauricio Pochettino talked about the club plans in this transfer window to update the fans.

Tottenham, as well as their Manager, don’t fancy winter transfers, with England sensation, Bamidele Alli the only January transfer made by the former Southampton Manager since his appointment to manage the club and the young midfielder was sent straight back to MK Dons on loan.

However, it is likely that things might change a bit this time as the Argentine looks to bolster his squad ahead of the long season ahead, mainly to help the current squad cope with fatigue and also to help new signings adapt to life in the premier league before next season begins.

When questioned about the club’s plan for this month Pochettino answered: “Until today, now, nobody is close to arriving in this transfer window.

“Maybe in the last five minutes since we came into this press conference who knows (laughs). But when we stepped into this room nothing close”

The Spurs boss was also asked about the possibility of signing Bordeaux attacker Malcolm, who neighbours Arsenal are also reportedly interested in, but he decides to be silent.

“That is another rumour. Look there is a lot of rumours in the media,” he said. “I think you know how the business is today. I think Tottenham is a club that in three and a half years I’ve seen a minimum of 100 names and in the end, we sign a few.”

On the transfer window, he added: “I’m not concerned, I’m not worried. We’re working. We’re awake to the market. If something is available on terms we can take, of course, we’ll do it. But if not, it’s difficult.”

“I am confident always. [If the club doesn’t sign anyone] it is up to us to deliver and try to win. Personally, I never look next to me at what another team is doing,” he said.

“It’s about how I believe, how we believe, and make things happen. We must compete in the best way, try to help the team and players to be better every day and compete with the tools that we have.”

“For me, it’s not about money. Of course, it’s a business and there’s many people, too many people involved in this business,” he continued.

“The people that look after every single player try to get the best for their clients, of course, but the players play because they love football. No doubt about that, today is more professional than 30-40 years ago.

“Every single player is like a company, of course, they look after the players and try to get as many benefits as possible – that’s it.”