Rashford situation will get more complicated with Alexis signing – Giggs

Manchester United Legend, Ryan Giggs has stated that England sensation, Marcus Rashford will get even lesser game time as a result of Alexis Sanchez signing from Arsenal.

He believes that in Mourinho’s United squad, Romelu Lukaku is the main-man upfront and with the acquisition of the Chilean who will almost definitely command a starting position in the squad, he doubted if Rashford’s development will not be hampered.

He went on to take side with the club fans after they were criticized by Mourinho last week that they needed to get louder during games although he was quite conservative in the use of words.

While speaking with Sky Sports, the 44-year old said: “The main problem for Rashford is his best position is as a striker and it doesn’t look as though he’s going to get in ahead of Lukaku. The situation looks quite complicated.”

“He was very good in that position against Yeovil but ultimately he’s not going to get as many goals over a season as Lukaku.

“However, I can’t see Rashford looking at his future at the moment. He’ll get enough games across the four competitions, but the issues are when he isn’t involved in the big games.

“When I first came into the team there were two places for three players – me, Lee Sharpe and Andrey Kanchelskis.

“So, I was just thinking that when I get minutes I have to prove myself.”