Former A.C Milan Vice President, Paolo Berlusconi says himself alongside his family feel pain whenever they watch the team play.
Even as his brother, Silvio had sold out the club to foreign owners in April, the emotional bond that they share with the club still remains and the struggles of the Rossoneri on the pitch only bring pain to them.
“As true fans, we’re all feeling pain,” Berlusconi said while speaking with Tuttomercatoweb.
“After the club was sold I wanted to see if my suffering would be different but nothing changed. After a big transfer campaign, we have fewer points than this time last year with a team which hasn’t proven to be competitive yet.
“They shouldn’t take this criticism as condemnation though; the new owners need time. You can’t blame my brother because the new owners invested quite heavily in the transfer market.
“Instead of great players, the new directors decided to take 11 new players. We have to be patient though, after many years of success there can be years of transition.
“Now there’s a new directorship which must try to revive Milan. It makes me smile, this hypothesis that this was a fake sale and just my brother’s manoeuvre to bring back money from abroad.
“That is bad faith and stupidity,” Berlusconi concluded.